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Eco-Reliability - A Fusion of GreenTech and HighTech

Eco-Reliability - Die Verknüpfung von GreenTech und HighTech
: Nissen, N.F.; Wittler, O.; Middendorf, A.; Lang, K.-D.

Micromaterials and nanomaterials 13 (2011), S.94-97
ISSN: 1619-2486
Fraunhofer IZM ()

Reliability and environmental aspects have conventionally been situated towards the end of the design chain: if specific problems come up with the near-final product, then detailed tests, evaluations and improvement actions are suddenly called for. However, this has now changed drastically, both because these aspects are now considered in earlier design phases and because GreenTech has now become increasingly fashionable in industry. This paper makes the case why reliability is a very important contribution to the green-ness of products and processes, and in reverse why environmental approaches are an asset for reliability investigations. The two fields are therefore closely connected. Eco-reliability in that sense is both a combination of competencies and a new trade-off balancing, which can be used for better targeting of technologies.