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Nucleon resonance decay by the Kappa(0)Sigma channel

: Castelijns, R.; Anisovich, A.V.; Bacelar, J.C.S.; Bantes, B.; Bartholomy, O.; Bayadilov, D.; Beloglazov, A.; Crede, V.; Dutz, H.; Ehmanns, A.; Elsner, D.; Essig, K.; Ewald, R.; Fabry, I.; Fornet-Ponse, K.; Fuchs, M.; Funke, C.; Gothe, R.; Gregor, R.; Gridnev, A.B.; Gutz, E.; Höffgen, Stefan; Hoffmeister, P.; Horn, I.; Jaegle, I.; Junkersfeld, J.; Kalinowsky, H.; Kammer, S.; Klein, Frank; Klein, Friedrich; Klempt, E.; Konrad, M.; Kotulla, M.; Krusche, B.; Langheinrich, J.; Löhner, H.; Lopatin, I.V.; Lotz, J.; Lugert, S.; Menze, D.; Mertens, T.; Messchendorp, J.G.; Metag, V.; Morales, C.; Nanova, M.; Nikonov, V.A.; Novinski, D.V.; Novotny, R.; Ostrick, M.; Pant, L.M.; Pee, H. van; Pfeiffer, M.; Roy, A.; Radkov, A.; Sarantsev, A.V.; Schadmand, S.; Schmidt, C.; Schmieden, H.; Schoch, B.; Shende, S.; Süle, A.; Sumachev, V.; Szczepanek, T.; Thoma, U.; Trnka, D.; Varma, R.; Walther, D.; Weinheimer, C.; Wendel, C.

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The European physical journal. A, Hadrons and nuclei 35 (2008), Nr.1, S.39-45
ISSN: 1434-6001
ISSN: 1434-601X
ISSN: 1431-5831
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Hyperon production off the proton in the K0Sigma+ channel has been studied at the tagged-photon beam facility at the ELSA electron accelerator in Bonn. This experiment was part of a series of neutral meson production experiments on various targets. For this purpose, the Crystal Barrel and TAPS photon spectrometers have been combined to provide a 4pi detector for multi-neutral-particle final states. A high-quality excitation function, recoil polarizations, and angular diestributions from threshold up to 2.3 GeV center-of-mass energy were obtained. The results are compared with predictions of recent coupled-channel calculations within the K-matrix formalism and are interpreted by the partial-wave analysis within the Bonn-Gatchina model.