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Web-based Artifact Exchange

: Leukel, O.
: Noll, S.; Repenning, A.

Darmstadt, 2000
Darmstadt, TU, Dipl.-Arb., 2000
Fraunhofer IGD ()
data sharing; web-based service; collaborative learning; Data Warehouse

At the end of the previous century started a remarkable social shift towards a knowledge society. Through this process, lifelong learning has become one of the central occupational key competencies for today's employees. The term lifelong learning describes the ability to acquire new and situated knowledge for a whole lifetime. Cognitive learning theories, like Constructionism, support lifelong learning by the creation of public and meaningful artifacts by the learners. Public artifacts are artifacts that will be seen, criticized, and used by other users. Tools for the creation of computer artifacts, i.e. computer videos or interactive simulations, exist, but there is no general and extensible solution to make them public. Hereby the World Wide Web is an ideal platform to make computer artifacts public.
The goal of this thesis was to develop a conceptual framework that facilitates the exchange of virtually any computer artifact via the World Wide Web. Therefore it was necessary to develop mechanisms, which allow users to browse through the artifacts stored in the Exchange with a web-browser and facilitate an application-integrated upload and download of artifacts. Additionally the Exchange offers an interface (API) for other applications to access the data and information of the artifacts stored in the Exchange. In the development of the framework it was necessary to pay attention on extensibility and to achieve a minimum of platform and web server dependence.
Finally, the developed framework was implemented in a concrete prototype that enables users to exchange artifacts they created with the AgentSheets® application, like simulations, agents and Java Applets. AgentSheets is a development environment for interactive simulations, which is especially designed for end users. Since the prototype is planned to be commercialized, the prototype was developed in cooperation with AgentSheets, Inc. in Boulder (Colorado, USA).