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Didaktische Modelle für das vernetzte Lernen mit Hypertext und Multimedia

: Rubin, A.
: Sander, U.; Urban, B.

Rostock, 2002, 96 S.
Rostock, Univ., Dipl.-Arb., 2002
Fraunhofer IGD ()
education; computer supported education; hypertext; hypermedia

The last decades were highlighted by fast advancements in all social areas. To participate in these processes the fast and easy access to information and knowledge is needed. While the enormous and still increasing need for knowledge can not be satisfied in classical learning scenarios, new communication technologies (e.g. Internet) have been established in the educational sector over the last years. This leads to technology enhanced learning with all its possibilities. However, there are difficulties as well and they have to be mastered.
This work describes didactic models for networked learning with hypertext and multimedia. It focuses on the educational discussion about technology driven changes in learning in parallel to the increased impact of methods for self-controlled, communicative and cooperative learning. The discussion whether new media requires new didactics and whether classical methods for learning and teaching have to be modified is a central part of this work.