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Succinic acid: Synthesis of biobased polymers from renewable resources

: Kabasci, Stephan; Bretz, Inna


Mittal, V.:
Renewable Polymers. Synthesis, Processing, and Technology
New York/N.Y.: Wiley and Sons, 2011
ISBN: 978-0-470-93877-5
ISBN: 0-470-93877-3
25 S.
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renewable resource; biopolymer; succinic acid

Succinic Acid can be derived from renewable resources in a biotechnological production process. Becuase of its chemical structure as linear C4 dicarboxylic acid it can be used as biobased monomer in different polycondensation reactions. An overview of the resulting biopolymers (e.g. polesters, polyamides and poly(erster amide)s) based on succinic acid and its derivatives is given in this contribution. With biotechnical succinic acid production on the rise these polymers can contribute consideably to the substitution of fossil based plastics.