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Evaluation of the potential of infrared thermography for automatic animal health monitoring systems in milk production

: Franze, Ulrike; Geidel, Steffi; Heyde, Ulrike; Schroth, Alexander; Wirthgen, Tom; Zipser, Stephan

Czech Technical University, Prag:
17th European Conference of Information Systems in Agriculture and Forestry, ISAF 2011 : 11.-14. July 2011, Prague
Prag: Czech Technical University, 2011
European Conference of Information Systems in Agriculture and Forestry (ISAF) <17, 2011, Prague>
Fraunhofer IVI ()
health monitoring; dairy; infrared; Mastitis; thermography

Infrared thermography as a non-invasive method to detect udder inflammation is investigated in two commercial farms using a total of 552 dairy cows (Holstein-Friesian). Cows with udder disease show significantly different infrared temperatures of rear udder quarters than cows with healthy udders (p < 0.10; t-Test). Cows with latent infection, unspecific mastitis and mastitis of rear udder quarters can be detected by daily infrared thermography with sensitivities of around 30% and specificities of around 70% if the change of surface temperature is considered individually for the animal. The technology of infrared thermography is useful for the development of automatic health monitoring system for dairy herds.