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A study of compatibility between two classical fatigue curve models based on some selected structural materials

: Niesony, A.; Kurek, A.; Dsoki, Chalid el; Kaufmann, Heinz


International journal of fatigue 39 (2012), S.88-94
ISSN: 0142-1123
Fraunhofer LBF ()
fatigue; structural material

The paper contains a proposal for the classification of some selected constructional materials starting from the material properties as assumed according to the models based on the Manson-Coffin-Basquin (MCB) and Ramberg-Osgood (RO) laws. These laws are commonly used for strain-based fatigue life assessments. Three methods for determination of fatigue material constants occurring in the MCB and RO models, namely, the conventional, numerical and 3D methods, were used. The compatibility between the parameters derived from the aforementioned models was checked by evaluating the fatigue results for five groups of selected constructional materials.