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Thermal shock crack propagation in a functionally graded strip

: Sadowski, T.; Neubrand, A.

Brandt, A.M.:
BMC-7. Proceedings of the International Symposium on Brittle Matrix Composites : Warsaw, October 13-15, 2003
Warsaw, 2003
International Symposium on Brittle Matrix Composites (BMC) <7, 2003, Warsaw>
Fraunhofer IWM ()
functionally graded material; thermal shock; thermal stress; optimisation; crack propagation; Gradientenwerkstoff; Thermoschock; Wärmespannung; Spannungsintensitätsfaktor; Optimierung; Rißausbreitung

The aim of the paper is theoretical modelling of the thermal shock problem in a strip made of functionally graded composite with an interpenetrating network mic rostructure of Al2O3 and Al. Such a material could be used in brake disks or cyl inder liners in the future. In both appli-cations it is subjected to thermal sho ck. As a step towards optimization of the composition gradient with respect to t hermal shock sensitivity the stress intensity factors during thermal shock were calculated for different composition profiles. It was found that residual stress es decrease significantly the stress intensity factors and the length of cracks develop-ing during thermal shock. Also the transition function of the functional ly graded material has a strong influence on the edge crack propagation.