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Long term in vitro functional stability and recording longevity of fully integrated wireless neural interfaces based on the Utah Slant Electrode Array

: Sharma, A.; Rieth, L.; Tathireddy, P.; Harrison, R.; Oppermann, H.; Klein, M.; Töpper, M.; Jung, E.; Normann, R.; Clark, G.; Solzbacher, F.


Journal of neural engineering 8 (2011), Nr.4, Art. 045004
ISSN: 1741-2560
Fraunhofer IZM ()

We evaluate the encapsulation and packaging reliability of a fully integrated wireless neural interface based on a Utah Slant Electrode Array/integrated neural interface-recording version 5 (USEA/INI-R5) system by monitoring the long term in vitro functional stability and recording longevity. The INI encapsulated with 6 m Parylene-C was immersed in phosphate buffered saline (PBS) for a period of over 276 days (with the monitoring of the functional device still ongoing). The full functionality (wireless radio-frequency power, command and signal transmission) and the ability of the electrodes to record artificial neural signals even after 276 days of PBS soaking with little change (within 14%) in signal/noise amplitude constitute a major milestone in long term stability and allow us to study and evaluate the encapsulation reliability, functional stability and its potential usefulness for a wireless neural interface for future chronic implants.