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The absence of size-dependency in flame retarded composites containing low-melting organic-inorganic glass and clay: Comparison between micro- and nanocomposites

: Yu, D.; Kleemeier, M.; Wu, G.M.; Schartel, B.; Liu, W.Q.; Hartwig, A.


Polymer degradation and stability 96 (2011), Nr.9, S.1616-1624
ISSN: 0141-3910
Fraunhofer IFAM ()

Due to optimised processing of epoxy based composite materials containing a low-melting organic-inorganic glass together with an organo clay, the size of the glass particles could be successfully reduced. Thus truly nano-dispersed composites were obtained, with glass particles in the range of 10 nm to 200 nm. The small particle size allowed efficient interaction of glass particles and organo clay layers. The flame retardancy as well as the thermo-mechanical properties were tested, and the results showed that the low-melting glass led to a remarkable reduction of peak heat release rate by forming an enhanced barrier layer. Nevertheless no further improvement could be achieved by lowering the particle size to the nanometre region. For good flame retardancy a microdispersion of the low-melting glass was already sufficient.