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Generation of recombinant antibody fragments that target canine dendritic cells by phage display technology

: Fitting, J.; Killian, D.; Junghanss, C.; Willenbrock, S.; Murua Escobar, H.; Lange, S.; Nolte, I.; Barth, S.; Tur, M.K.


Veterinary and Comparative Oncology 9 (2011), Nr.3, S.183-195
ISSN: 1476-5810
ISSN: 1476-5829
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One of the main goals in cancer immunotherapy is the efficient activation of the host immune system against tumour cells. Dendritic cells (DCs) can induce specific anti-tumour immune responses in both experimental animal models and humans. However, most preclinical studies using small animal models show only limited correlation with studies carried out in clinical settings, whereas laboratory dogs naturally develop tumours that are biologically and histopathologically similar to their human counterparts. Here, we describe the generation and characterization of recombinant antibodies against canine DCs, isolated using the Tomlinson phage display system. We successfully isolated highly specific single-chain variable fragment (scFv) antibodies in a sequential three-step panning strategy involving depletion on canine peripheral blood mononuclear cells followed by positive selection on native canine DCs. This provides the basis for an antibody-based method for the immunologi cal detection and manipulation of DCs and for monitoring antigen-specific immune responses.