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The traffic flow in a distributed realtime computing system (RDC-system) with a fiberoptic ringbus system

Nachrichtenströme in einem verteilten Echtzeitrechnersystem (RDC-System) mit Lichtleiterringbussystem
: Heger, D.; Bähre, R.

NATO, Advisory Group for Aerospace Research and Development -AGARD-, Avionics Panel:
Tactical airborne distributed computing and networks : Copies of papers and discussions
London, 1981 (AGARD Conference Proceedings 303)
ISBN: 92-835-0302-3
NATO, Advisory Group for Aerospace Research and Development, Avionics Panel (Meeting) <1981, Roros/Norwegen>
Fraunhofer IITB ( IOSB) ()
RDC-System; verteiltes, fehlertolerantes Echtzeitrechnersystem; Lichtleiterringbus

The new generation of automatic systems is essentially characterized by distributed multicomputersystems. The architecture is based on distributed microcomputer stations linked together by a bus system. These systems give much more design alternatives than conventional single or multicomputer systems; the danger of obtaining bottlenecks of system performance is considerably greater than it was by using functional modules operating independently and simultaneously. Therefore, mathematical modelling of bus-linked multicomputer systems and the experimental evaluation of these models in online operation by means of measurements is of increasing importance. In this paper the RDC-system, a realtime computing system developed by the IITB and the traffic flow on its fiberoptic ringbus system are presented.