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Error detection and location methods in the real time and fault tolerant multicomputer system "RDC" - realization and proposals for further improvements

Methoden zur Fehlerdetektion und Lokalisierung im fehlertoleranten Echtzeitrechnersystem "RDC" - Realisierung und Verbesserungsvorschläge
: Saenger, F.; Bähre, R.

DalCin, M.:
Self-diagnosis and fault-tolerance : Proceedings, Tübingen 1981; Workshop on Self-Diagnosis and Fault-Tolerance, held in Tübingen,West Germany, from July 9 - 10, 1981
Tübingen: ATTEMPTO Verl., 1981 (Werkhefte der Universität Tübingen 4)
ISBN: 3-921552-16-8
Workshop on Self-Diagnosis and Fault Tolerance <1981, Tübingen>
Fraunhofer IITB ( IOSB) ()
RDC-System; Fehlertoleranz; Fehlerdiagnose; funktionsbeteiligte Redundanz

Technical systems are becoming more and more complex due to increasing demands, nevertheless they have to be of high reliability and good maintenability. This is especially true for multi process computer systems. Availability and reliability cannot be reached by means of perfection, fault-tolerance has to be added. With the RDC-Process Computer System a fault-tolerant system is presented, which allows full performance of all computer components (with different tasks) being in the normal state and with high system availability by means of dynamical functional redundancy, fault diagnosis (error detection and error location) and automatic reconfiguration.