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Creating software process capability/maturity models

: Wangenheim, C.G. von; Hauck, J.C.R.; Zoucas, A.; Salviano, C.F.; McCaffery, F.; Shull, F.


IEEE Software 27 (2010), Nr.4, S.92-94
ISSN: 0740-7459
ISSN: 1937-4194
Fraunhofer CESE ()

Using maturity levels or capability profiles to assess and improve software processes is a well-established methodology. A wide range of software process capability/maturity models (SPCMMs) have been developed and adapted to specific domains over the past years. Yet knowledge of how to design theoretically sound and widely accepted SPCMMs is still lacking. Results from a systematic literature review and follow-on questionnaire show that, with few exceptions, the processes used to define SPCMMs lack methodological support. A Web Extra provides details of the research methodology, including a full list of the studies used in the literature review.