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Batterien für Hybrid- Und Elektrofahrzeuge

Batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles
: Tübke, J.; Krausa, M.; Berger, T.

Galvanotechnik 100 (2009), Nr.6, S.1434-1438
ISSN: 0016-4232
Fraunhofer ICT ()

Batteries and hybrid technologies are among the most promising future drive systems for vehicles, if carbon dioxide emissions to atmosphere are to be reduced. The performance of currently preferred nickel-metal hydride batteries falls short of what is really required. Lithium batteries appear more promising, with a cell voltage of ca. 3.6V while not suffering from memory effects. However before their widespread adoption, improved anode and cathode performance is called for. In addition, increased consideration must be given to safety issues, to minimise the possibility of explosion of such batteries.