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Synthesis of boron-doped homoepitaxial single crystal diamond by microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition

: Ramamurti, R.; Becker, M.; Schuelke, T.; Grotjohn, T.; Reinhard, D.; Asmussen, J.


Diamond and Related Materials 17 (2008), Nr.7-10, S.1320-1323
ISSN: 0925-9635
Fraunhofer ILT ()

The deposition of boron-doped homoepitaxial single crystal diamond is investigated using a microwave plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition system. The objective is to deposit high-quality boron-doped single crystal diamond and establish the relationships between the deposition conditions and the diamond growth rate and quality. Experiments are performed using type Ib HPHT diamond seeds as substrates and growing diamond with varying amounts of diborane in a methane-hydrogen gas mixture. The deposition system utilized is a 2.45 GHz microwave plasma-assisted CVD system operating at 135-160 Torr. Experiments are performed with methane concentrations of 4-6% and diborane concentrations of 5-50 ppm in the feedgas. Diamond is deposited with growth rates of 2 to 11 m/h in this study. The deposited diamond is measured to determine its electrical conductivity and optical absorption versus wavelength in the UV, visible and IR portions of the spectrum. Data is presented that re lates the growth rate and diamond properties to the deposition conditions including substrate temperature and feedgas composition.