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Micro-chamber thermal extractor-the latest cost effective solution for rapid materials emissions testing

: Hughes, P.; Salthammer, T.; Schripp, T.; Wensing, M.; Woolfenden, E.

Journal of Harbin Institute of Technology = Ha'erbin-Gongye-Daxue-xuebao 14 (2007), Supplement, S.259-262
ISSN: 1005-9113
ISSN: 1002-2252
Fraunhofer WKI ()

Emissions of (semi-) volatile organic compounds ((S)VOCs) from materials can adversely impact indoor and in-vehicle air quality. National and international regulations/protocols, such as the European Construction Products Directive, German protocol for fire-resistant floorings (AgBB)[1] and the Californian CHPS protocol for public school building programs (CHPS)[2] require the determination of materials emissions using conventional test equipment such as chambers/cells (Methods EN13419-1/-2/-3, ISO/EN 16000-6/-9/-10/-11, ASTM D5116-97, ASTM 1)7143-05 etc). This enables emissions to be evaluated under simulated real-use conditions and allows real-room concentrations to be estimated. The recent development of a combined Micro-Chamber/Thermal Extraction system, comprising of six micro-chambers (up to 25 mm deep and 50 mm in diameter), which allows surface or bulk emissions testing on up to 6 samples simultaneously will be presented along with excellent correlation data wit h conventional emission chamber testing.