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Challenges in testing software product lines

: Kolb, R.; Muthig, D.

Arbeitskreis Software-Qualität Franken e.V.:
CONQUEST 2003, 7th Conference on Quality Engineering in Software Technology. Proceedings : EuroMotive 2003. Automotive Software Technology
Nürnberg, 2003
ISBN: 3-9809145-0-X
S.103-113 : Ill.
Conference on Quality Engineering in Software Technology (CONQUEST) <7, 2003, Nürnberg>
Fraunhofer IESE ()
software testing; software product line

Software product lines are a rather new and very promising approach to software development. Based on the systematic and planned reuse of previous development efforts among a set of similar products, the product line approach enables organizations not only to reduce development and maintenance costs but also to achieve impressive productivity and time-to-market gains. However, testing as still the most effective way for quality assurance is more critical and complex for product lines than for traditional single software systems. With the growing acceptance of product lines, therefore, effective and efficient techniques and methods for testing are required. In this paper, we discuss how product lines are currently tested in practice, what the challenges in testing software product lines are, and how these challenges can be addressed.