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Configurable, componentbased, flexible scheduler

: Wiechers, O.

MipTec 2003. Presentation and Abstracts : 6th MipTec, Basel, Switzerland, May 12-15, 2003
Basel, CH, 2003
International Conference and Exhibition on Drug Discovery (MipTec) <6, 2003, Basel>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
scheduler; Advanced Planning and Scheduling; Halbleiter; Laboratoriumseinrichtung; Fertigungsplanung

Optimization of highly flexible logistic processes in high tech branches realized by example of analytical laboratory equipment and semiconductor industry with the aid of a componendbased, configurable, dynamic and foresighted planning scheduler.
Logistical process are characterized by a high process variety of process and laboratory equipment in combination with flexible, complex material flows. Additionally the included systems must be able to handle lot size one.
Throughput and optimal usage of resources still make problems in real-time systems which combine complex logistical requirements with a need of high throughput.
Economical production of analytical laboratories and semiconductor industry need an optimal equipment utilization. Actual data taken from the areas equipment throughput, supply of work and operator deployment show the immediate need of a logistical optimization method. Using a scheduler there are advantages realizable:
-increase of throughput
-cost reduction with an optimization of the WIP
-defined deployment of operators
A scheduler should provide attributes like:
Result will be a componentbased scheduler which offers standardized interfaces to equipment in laboratory and semiconductor industry and possible many other branches.