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The intelligent bed - Ambient monitoring of sick and disabled persons through the use of load sensors in bed legs

: Nehmer, Jürgen; Luiz, Thomas; Sibomana, Consolée

ERCIM News (2011), Nr. 87, S. 26-27
ISSN: 0926-4981
Fraunhofer IESE ()
ambient assisted living; ambient intelligence; medical device; medical decision support; reasoning

Today, the body functions of bedridden sick or disabled persons are still being monitored almost exclusively by means of intermittent personal monitoring done by medical staff and / or machines suitable for the respective disease pattern, such as an ECG. This kind of monitoring is either costly in terms of staff, or the connecting cables impede the patient's mobility. In addition, in the case of intermittent monitoring, there is also a delay in recording pathological deviations of a patient's health status. We present a concept for an ambient monitoring system based on the continuous measurement and interpretation of the bed load by load sensors integrated in bed legs.