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Fault-tolerant track estimation algorithm for truck-trailer vehicles

: Huber, R.; Zipser, S.; Wagner, S.; Röbenack, K.

Scharff, P. ; TU Ilmenau, Fakultät für Maschinenbau:
Innovation in mechanical engineering - shaping the future : Programme; 56th IWK, International Scientific Colloquium, Ilmenau University of Technology, 12 - 16 September 2011
Ilmenau: Technische Universität Ilmenau, 2011
ISBN: 978-3-86360-001-3
7 S.
Internationales Wissenschaftliches Kolloquium (IWK) <56, 2011, Ilmenau>
International Scientific Colloquium <56, 2011, Ilmenau>
Fraunhofer IVI ()
track estimation; fault diagnosis; fault-tolerant; Kalman filter; observer; FDI; residual generation

In this paper a real-time track estimation algorithmwith fault detection and isolation (FDI) for truck-trailer vehicles
is examined to be used in advanced steering control systems. Therefore a FDI algorithm is considered using a model-based approach, with observerbased residual generation. The residuals are used to form appropriate decision functions to get the most reliable track of the vehicle. Simulation results show that the accuracy of the track algorithm using FDI can be significantly improved. Furthermore the presented track estimation algorithm is fault-tolerant due to utilizing analytic redundancy by different estimators and sensor sets.