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Numerical analysis of microwave-assisted encapsulation processes for ball grid array packages

: Tilford, Tim; Ferenets, Marju; Adamietz, Raphael; Pavuluri, Sumanth Kumar; Morris, James E.; Desmulliez, Marc P.Y.; Bailey, Chris

International Microwave Power Institute -IMPI-:
International Microwave Power Institute's 44th Annual Symposium 2010. Proceedings : Denver, July 14-16, 2010
Mechanicsville/Va., 2010
6 S.
International Microwave Power Institute (IMPI Annual Symposium) <44, 2010, Denver/Colo.>
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Aufbautechnik; Verbindungstechnik; packaging; electronic packaging; microwave; Mikrowelle

Microwave cure of thermosetting polymer encapsulant material is assessed using a multiphysics analysis approach. A dual section microwave oven system capable of heating individual components on a printed circuit board assembly is described and its integration into a microelectronics manufacturing line is briefly outlined. Due to the complexity of measuring key process parameters in situ, a numerical approach, described in this article, has been adopted to analyse and optimise the curing process. The numerical model comprises an unstructured finite volume thermophysical solver linked through an Eulerian-Lagrangian mapping process, to a conformal finite difference time domain electromagnetic solver. A sample analysis is presented that focuses on the curing of an encapsulant material in a simplified ball grid array package. Solutions are presented on the behavior of the package submitted to a range of temperatures and microwave power density, The resulting thermomechanical stress are modelled.