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In-situ investigation of the interplay between microstructure and anodic copper dissolution under near-ECM conditions. Pt.1: The active state

: Schneider, M.; Schroth, S.; Richter, S.; Höhn, S.; Schubert, N.; Michaelis, A.


Electrochimica Acta 56 (2011), Nr.22, S.7628-7636
ISSN: 0013-4686
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
anodic copper dissolution; EBSD; electrochemical machining (ECM); grain orientation; in situ microscopy

The influence of crystallographic orientation on the anodic dissolution of copper in sodium nitrate under near ECM conditions was investigated in situ by a specially designed electrochemical flow channel cell. The investigation was limited to the active dissolution range where a distinctive influence of the microstructure on the anodic dissolution was expected. It was clearly shown that the topography strongly depends on the crystallographic orientation. The dissolution rate of less-packed {1 0 0} planes is higher than of the close-packed {1 1 1} planes. Additionally, a gas evolution as side reaction was temporarily observed. This process happens preferentially on {1 1 1} planes.