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Visualization techniques for personal tasks on mobile computers

: Bieber, G.; Tominski, C.

Harris, D.:
HCI International 2003. Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction. Vol.3 : Cognitive, Social and Ergonomic Aspects
Mahwah/NJ.: Erlbaum, 2003
ISBN: 0-8058-4932-7
International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI International) <10, 2003, Crete>
International Conference on Engineering Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics <5, 2003, Crete>
International Conference on Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction <2, 2003, Crete>
Fraunhofer IGD ()
mobile computing; Graphical User Interface (GUI); mobile device

Mobile computers support users to achieve their personal goals. An important task for digital assistance is to represent a user's personal agenda. This has to be done in an intuitive way. In this paper we describe how interactive visualization can be used to reach this goal. Therefore, we describe how spatial-temporal aspects of personal tasks can be represented visually considering the limitations of mobile devices. Furthermore, the personal task management and visualization system eGuide is introduced.