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Mobile Informationsdienste im Zoo auf Basis von Location-based Services

: Ebeling, M.
: Giersich, M.; Resnik, B.

Rostock, 2002, 55 S.
Rostock, Univ., Dipl.-Arb., 2003
Fraunhofer IGD ()
location-based service; portable spatial information technologies; mobile information system

Location-based services are one of the growing strategic business fields of the "new economy". Using the position of a mobile device, such as handy or PDA, LBS gives the user the chance to get into his actual neighbourhood. Theoretically he can get any information that is useful for understanding the area around, such as price for petrol at the local station etc. The new mobile technology standards, such as GPRS or UMTS are the technological base of this kind of services in the mobile technology field. GPS as the most exact positioning technology will be included in the future, to make LBS more effective. The local Zoo of Rostock was the ideal object to get into this theme. This zoological garden has a great amount of spatial data, already used in a GIS. Creating a "ZooGuide" application, using GPS as positioning system, this project wants to explore the subject LBS. It includes the explanation of actual background technologies. This master thesis examines availability of technologies for and possibilities of implementation on location-based services. It demonstrates such a service based on the dataset from the Zoological Garden of Rostock and the production system xGuide prototypically. By the way the student tests the integration of GPS (global positioning system) as positioning option for this kind of mobile applications.