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Code of conduct for FP7 researchers

Promoting international debate on ethical implications of data collection, use and retention for biometric and medical applications; 1.1.2009 - 31.12.2010
: Menevidis, Z.; Swartzman, S.; Stylianidis, S.

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Berlin: Fraunhofer IPK, 2011, 69 S.
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This document provides a code of conduct for medical and biometric data collection, use, and retention for research sponsored by the European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme. The goal of the current deliverable is to articulate recommendations for a code of conduct and implementation measures for FP7 researchers on medical and biometric data privacy. Background on previously existing codes of conduct is given and the purposes of codes of conduct in general are described. The current paper puts forth guidelines on the ethical implementation of a research project as well as specific guidelines for the ethical handling of medical and biometric information in such projects. In particular, the aim is to provide guidance for researchers during the project proposal phase and during the project implementation phase.