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Komplexe Rad-Naben-Baugruppen

Experimentelle Simulation von Betriebsfestigkeit und Einflussgrößen
: Fischer, G.

Materialprüfung 45 (2003), Nr.5, S.194-199
ISSN: 0025-5300
Fraunhofer LBF ()
Zwillingsradnabe; Flansch; Kurvenfahrt; Radnabe; Fahrzeugrad; Betriebsfestigkeit; Steifigkeit; Vorspannung; Kerbwirkung; Reibkorrosion; Temperatur; Scheibenbremse; Torsion; Radlager; Kontaktermüdung

The assembly of the existing components, which are built of several adjacent components (wheel, hub, bearings, bolts etc.), can change greatly the properties, above all due to the influence of neighbouring components with differing levels of rigidity, changing pre-tension ratios of the bolt and shrinkage fit connections, different thicknesses of the layers of paint and different temperatures. The complex, coincidental, multi-axial loads negatively affect the durability, which can lead to various failure mechanisms. With the help of standardised, accelerated load programmes and incorporating special event loads, the experimental simulation in 2 and 4 axial wheel-hub test rigs (Biaxial Wheel Test Rig) is performed in order to find an optimum solution in the early development phases.