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Influence of process parameters on the growth of TiN in different sized plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition reactors

: Hardt, P.; Eckel, M.; Schmidt, M.; Wulff, H.


Surface and coatings technology 120/121 (1999), S.238-243
ISSN: 0257-8972
Fraunhofer IPA ()
PACVD; Plasma assisted chemical vapour deposition; TiN; Pulse/pause ratio

TiN layers were deposited by pulsed d.c. plasma in an Ar-H2-N2-TiCl4 mixture on substrates positioned on the cathode in different-sized plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition reactors. We investigated the influence of different N2-H2 gas flow and of the pause time on the layer properties in relation to the reactor volume. Scanning electron microscopy measurements show that the growth rate increases with increasing N2/H2 gas flow ratio, whereas an influence from the total gas flow cannot be found. The TiN layers are nearly stoichiometric, except for low N2 gas flows. Grazing incidence X-ray diffractometry measurements reveal a transition from X-ray amorphous to crystalline TiN with higher N2/H2 gas flow ratios. However, a preferred orientation was not observed. The decrease of the pause time at pulses with the same current height and on-time lead to a strong decrease of the effective growth rate. We assume that a sufficient pause length is necessary for a stable growth of TiN layers.