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Intelligent manufacturing systems project IRMA - linking virtual reality to simulation

: Runde, C.; Joosten, H.; Mersinger, M.; Bierschenk, S.


Journal of advanced manufacturing systems 2 (2003), Nr.1, S.105-110
ISSN: 0219-6867
Fraunhofer IPA ()
digital factory; virtual reality; virtual training; Fertigungssystem; Simulation; Systemintegration

An international group of industrial companies and research institutions is actually creating an integrated platform for industrial process control, process design, staff training and product design. By linking simulation and virtual reality, project IRMA (A Configurable Virtual Reality system for multi-purpose industrial manufacturing applications) is to improve manufacturing performance. The core integration module is the Delfoi INTEGRATOR, a PC based message broker used to link a virtual environment and a production/failure database scenario, to different simulations (QUEST and ARENA material flow simulation, IGRIP robot kinematics simulation) or to programmable logic controls using their OPC interface.