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FPGA-based control system for highly dynamic axes in ultra-precision machining

Regelungssystem auf der Basis einer feldprogrammierbaren Gate-Array-Schaltung für hochdynamische Achsen beim Ultrapräzisionszerspanen
: Brecher, C.; Lindemann, D.; Merz, M.; Wenzel, C.

American Society for Precision Engineering -ASPE-:
Control of precision systems. Proceedings : 2010 spring topical meeting, April 11 to 13, 2010, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Campus, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Raleigh, NC: ASPE, 2010
ISBN: 978-1-88770-653-7
Spring Topical Meeting on Control of Precision Systems <2010, Cambridge/ Mass.>
Fraunhofer IPT ()

The developments presented in this paper focus on the implementation of an FPGA-based (Field Programmable Gate Array) hybrid servo control system for mechanically coupled highly-dynamic axes. Consisting of an FPGA-based low level part for high bandwidth control loops and a microprocessor-based high level part for setpoint generation, the novel servo system enables the control of highly dynamic axis needed in Fast Tool assisted ultra-precision machining. Movements with a bandwidth of up to 100 Hz and a stroke of several mm are generated by an electro- magnetically driven axis. For highly dynamic movements with a bandwidth of up to 2 kHz a piezo-actuator is used. The presented system realizes position control clocks of above 200 kHz and thereby strongly improves the performance of high-bandwidth axes.