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Process integrated detection of lubricant residues on metal surfaces using near IR imaging

: Schraft, R.D.; Modrich, K.-U.

Robotic Industries Association, Ann Arbor/Mich.; Automated Imaging Association:
ISR 2003. CD-ROM : Technical Conference Proceedings. 34th International Symposium on Robotics. June 2-5, 2003, Rosemont (Chicago), IL
Rosemont, Ill., 2003
International Symposium on Robotics (ISR) <34, 2003, Rosemont/Ill.>
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3D-Geometrie; Film-Thickness; near infrared sensor system (NIR); In-Situ-Prüfung; Metall; Oberfläche; Reinheit; Fertigung; Bildverarbeitung; Sensor; Infrarottechnik; Simulation

With regard to technical cleanliness, manufacturing enterprises in the automobile industry are in charge to produce, to assemble and to distribute their units, components and systems under higher standards regarding technical cleanliness. With the developed testing method it is possible to integrate miniaturised Near Infrared (NIR) sensor systems in existing manufacturing processes for in-situ detection of residues of cooling lubricants on metal surfaces. This method allows to determine application-specifically, the necessary initial parameters for a simulation model, which can determine the optical geometric configuration, the minimal detectable thickness of the film, and the quantifiable field before implementation.