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Large area deposition

: Bräuer, G.

Kaiser, N.; Pulker, H. K.:
Optical interference coatings
Berlin: Springer, 2003 (Springer series in optical sciences 88)
ISBN: 3-540-00364-9
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Magnetron sputtering is the preferred production process for various coatings on large glass panes and plastic foils. During the past two decades glass and web coating has spread into a wide field of applications, namely low emissivity and solar control coatings on architectural glazings as well as functional layers for displays. With the advent of mid-frequency powered double magnetron arrangements the most serious drawbacks in uniform deposition of high quality optical thin films on large scale suibstrates could be overcome, thus opening the door for new or improved products. Hith performance anti-reflective anti-static coatings on data display monitors nowadays are already state-of-the-art. The near future of large area thin film deposition will most probably be dominated by glazings with variable optical and thermal properties, the need for cost-effective production of thin film solar cells and a fast growing market for information displays. Pulsed plasmas have great potential to meet such demands.