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Transport agents - specification and development

: Ritter, A.; Braatz, A.; Höpf, M.; Schaeffer, C.; Westkämper, E.

Deen, S.M.:
Agent-based manufacturing : Advances in the holonic approach
Berlin: Springer, 2003 (Advanced Information Processing)
ISBN: 3-540-44069-0
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transport agent; Agentensystem; manufacturing system; agent

Transport agents, or holonic automated guided vehicles (H-AGVs), are important sub-systems of agent-based manufacturing systems such as holonic manufacturing systems (HMS). In this chapter concepts for the development of transport agents are presented, including taxonomy, agent models, architectures, realisations and the concept of a prototyping suite for the development of transport agents. Related work begann at the start of the HMS project and has continued within several other projects.