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Influence of protective layers on SOFC operation

: Sauchuk, V.; Megel, S.; Girdauskaite, E.; Trofimenko, N.; Kusnezoff, M.; Michaelis, A.


Russian journal of electrochemistry 47 (2011), Nr.5, S.522-530
ISSN: 0038-5387
ISSN: 1023-1935
Fraunhofer IKTS ()

Corrosion kinetics of ferritic alloys/steels (Crofer22APU, ITMLC, ZMG232L) were studied at high temperature. An extent of corrosion was evaluated by measuring the oxide scale thickness and the weight gain as a function of heating time. It is shown that even porous layer applied to interconnect can significantly reduce the rate of the steel oxidation. Contribution of the "oxide component" into the total degradation of the SOFC stack performance is estimated. Different protection materials and combinations were tested to analyze their influence on the processes of high temperature oxidation and long-term degradation of Fe-Cr steels. It has been shown that "more soft" materials on the basis of spinels (Mn(Co1 - x Fe x )2O4, Cu1 - x Ni x Mn2O4) are most suitable materials for the use as protective layers in comparison to perovskites. The efficiency of different protective materials was also tested in the real SOFC stacks designed in cooperation with company Staxera GmbH. It has been shown that applied spinel materials can effectively increase the long-term stability of the SOFC stacks.