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Numerische Untersuchungen zur Tragfähigkeit von Queranschlüssen bei Trägern aus Voll-und Brettschichtholz. Tl.1: Bruchmechanische Untersuchungen

Numerical investigations to the load-carrying capacity of perpendicular to the grain loaded timber joints. Pt.1: Fracture mechanical examinations
: Borth, O.; Schober, K.-U.; Rautenstrauch, K.

Bautechnik 80 (2003), Nr.3, S.155-161
ISSN: 0932-8351
ISSN: 0005-6820
ISSN: 0341-1052
ISSN: 0932-6359
Fraunhofer IWM ()

The load-carrying capacity of bolted and nailed joints under lateral loads perpendicular to the grain does not only depend on the bearing capacity of the fastener itself. Especially for hangers below the gravity axis the load-carrying capacity is limited by stresses in the structural member caused by force transfer of the joint. Because of the local force concentration those areas have high stress gradients. Therefore, a high sensibility of global failure strength in respect to the fracture toughness can also be assumed. The structural model presented in this paper is based on numerical methods in the framework of LEFM in order to estimate the ultimate limit state of wooden members under local loads perpendicular to the grain, e.g. like mechanical joints with dowel-type fasteners.