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Numerische Untersuchungen zur Tragfähigkeit von Queranschlüssen bei Trägern aus Voll- und Brettschichtholz. Tl.2: Praxisübliche Anschlußkonfigurationen

Numerical investigations to the load-carrying capacity of perpendicular to the grain loaded timber joints. Pt.2: Practice-related joints
: Borth, O.; Schober, K.-U.; Rautenstrauch, K.

Bautechnik 80 (2003), Nr.4, S.222-226
ISSN: 0932-8351
ISSN: 0005-6820
ISSN: 0341-1052
ISSN: 0932-6359
Fraunhofer IWM ()

Based on the simple numerical model described in part I ultimate loads ot practice-related joints with multiple fasteners can be easily estimated in the framework of the Linear-Elastic Fracture Mechanic (LEFM). As failure criteria are accepted exclusively criteria of the Linear-Elastic Fracture Mechanics. First the numerical model will be checked of the sufficient consideration of properties and parameters of the physical model. For further calculations suitable assumptions and simplifications are made. The main focus of these investigations are the assumption of the critical crack length. They will be ensured by acknowledged theoretical approaches and verifications with experimental results. Finally, ultimate loads of practice-related joints with multiple fasteners can be specified. With the application of the numerical model described the ultimate load of these joints depended on the configuration of the fasteners basically. For beams with smaller construction unit he ights fracture mechanic concepts can be lead possibly to the overestimate of ultimate loads.