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Numerical analysis of distortion and residual stresses by usage of finite element analyses of modern dual phase steels while welding

: Brand, M.; Siegele, D.

Welding in the world 49 (2005), Nr.9 SPEC. ISS., S.344
ISSN: 0043-2288
Fraunhofer IWM ()

Low alloyed dual phase steels are nowadays vogue in automotive parts. However, the local heat-input while (laser beam) welding may lead to distortions and residual stresses that may influence the component in-service behaviour. In order to better characterize material properties with respect to deformation and residual stresses, FE-simulations have been performed. Towards to short calculation times and an easy to handle experimental set-up for measurements for validation, smaller specimens to be welded are advantageous. After calculation of the temperature-field, the mechanical analysis is done using different strain hardening models under clamped and unclamped conditions. In addition, the influence of transformation plasticity at different boundary conditions is investigated. Results of this study provide valuable information for this steel to be used in complex welded components.