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TiCN coatings on aluminum alloy formed by MO-PACVD

: Kim, S.K.; Kim, T.H.; Wöhle, J.; Rie, K.-T.


Surface and coatings technology 131 (2000), Nr.1-3, S.121-126
ISSN: 0257-8972
Fraunhofer IST ()

TiCN layers were deposited on an aluminum alloy (Si 0.5%, Fe 0.5%, Cu 4.3%, Mn 0.6%, Mg 1.5%, Cr 0.1%, Zn 0.25%, bal. Al) by using diethylaminotitanium, hydrogen and nitrogen with the pulsed d.c. PACVD process. The effect of process parameters such as precursor evaporation temperature, duty ratio, frequency, voltage, H2/N2 gas ratio on the properties of the TiCN layer was investigated. The layer thus obtained had high hardness and a low friction coefficient. Detailed results on the hardness, surface morphology, WDS analysis, wear test and scratch test of these layers are presented.