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Solar thermal technology update

: Rommel, M.; Kovács, P.; Kramer, K.

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Renewable energy focus 11 (2010), Nr.5, S.36-38
ISSN: 1755-0084
ISSN: 1878-0229
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Various designs of collectors on the market today as well as potential future developments are discussed. A collector is the most important component of a solar thermal system. A collector needs to fulfill the technological requirements of the operating, meteorological and climatic conditions of a specific project, as well as being appropriate in terms of design and architecture, economics and ecology. The transparent cover of a collector should ideally have the highest possible transmission in the entire wavelength range of solar radiation. New concepts under development include vacuum-insulation panels, filling the collector with inert gas, complete evacuation, and insulation using micro-foam products based on polyisocyanate. When assessing panels available on the market it is important to take into account not only the price/performance ratio but also durability, reliability and ease of installation.