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Emission trading

Rapporteur's summary
: Walz, R.; Haas, R.

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ENER bulletin (2001), Nr.23, S.32-33
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Fraunhofer ISI ()
emission trading; cap and trade; rate-based trading; baseline and credit

This section summarises the most important issues of the different presentations on emission trading. From the EC's point-of view emission trading is considered to be one of the most promising future tools for combating Global Warning.
The major conclusions of the discussion in this session are: (i) More co-ordination between different countries is required than usually expected; (ii) the implementation of emission trading schemes is more complex than expected in the early theoretical papers; (iii) Regarding the optimal linkage of different systems of ET in various countries further research work is necessary, (iv) It is of high relevance to address other sectors - especially transport - adequately.