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A compact fiber coupled high brightness diode end pumped slab laser with kW output power

: Schnitzler, C.; Giesekus, J.; Leers, M.; Meyer, R.; Hoffmann, D.; Poprawe, R.

Chen, X. ; Laser Institute of America -LIA-:
ICALEO 2003, 22nd International Congress on Applications of Lasers and Electro Optics. Congress proceedings. CD-ROM : October 13-16, 2003 Adams Mark Hotel - Jacksonville, FL USA
Orlando, Fla.: LIA, 2003 (LIA 595 = 95)
ISBN: 0-912035-75-7
ISBN: 978-0-912035-75-8
Paper 802
International Congress on Applications of Lasers and Electro Optics (ICALEO) <22, 2003, Jacksonville/Fla.>
Fraunhofer ILT ()

High brightness lasers are required for various applications in materials processing. Especially fine cutting and remote welding require high beam quality. Diode end pumped rod lasers are highly efficient lasers operating at high beam quality, but due to thermal induced effects in the laser rod the output power is limited to 10W. The diode endpumped slab laser (INNOSLAB) we have developed is a promising method to scale the output power to the multi-kW range retaining the high beam quality and efficiency of end pumped rod lasers. We will present a laser system with an output power of 1kW. The laser beam is coupled into a 100 m fiber. Compact setup of the laser head, chiller and power supply allows the system to fit in a standard 19" rack.