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Si-K(alpha) radiation generated by the interaction of femtosecond laser radiation with silicon

: Horn, A.; Kaiser, C.; Ritschel, R.; Mans, T.; Rußbüldt, P.; Hoffmann, H.D.; Poprawe, R.


Hess, W.P.:
The 8th international conference on laser ablation, COLA'05. Proceedings : 11-16 September 2005, Banff, Canada
Bristol: IOP Publishing, 2007 (Journal of physics. Conference series 59)
International Conference on Laser Ablation (COLA) <8, 2005, Banff>
Fraunhofer ILT ()

Controlling the absorption mechanism, e.g. inverse Bremsstrahlung and resonant absorption, the emission of Si-K(ind alpha)-radiation using focused femtosecond laser radiation (t(ind p) 100fs, lambda = 850 nm, I = 20 PW/cm2) has been investigated. The emission Si-K(ind alpha)-radiation has been improved with double pulses, varying the delay, the energy ratio between pre- and main-pulse and the focal position. The efficiency for double-pulse-generation of Si-K(ind alpha)-radiation has been increased 4 times compared to single pulse generation.