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Electromagnetic Testing Methods for the Detection of Tendency to Chilling

: Maisl, U.; Kopp, M.; Altpeter, I.

Casting Plant and Technology 15 (1999), Nr.3, S.44-47
ISSN: 0177-1469
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
electromagnetic testing; elektromagnetisches Verfahren; Gußeisen; Oberwellenanalyse; Weißeinstrahlung

"White" solidified zones - ledeburite and cemenite components - in iron castings worsen the loadability and cause problems during machining. The micromagnetic test method described here enables the non-destructive detection of tendency to chilling. It also enables detection of a too high percentage of ferrite in the microstructure. The results determined by non-destructive testing have been confirmed through metallographic tests at the location of the magnetic measurement.