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Combined Galileo/GPS architecture for enhanced sensitivity reception

: Schmid, A.; Neubauer, A.; Ehm, H.; Weigel, R.; Lemke, N.; Heinrichs, G.; Winkel, J.; Avila-Rodriguez, J.A.; Kaniuth, R.; Pany, T.; Eissfeller, B.; Rohmer, G.; Overbeck, M.


AEÜ. International journal of electronics and communications 59 (2005), Nr.5, S.297-306
ISSN: 1434-8411
Fraunhofer IIS ()

Several new requirements and challenges are introduced with the transition of traditional navigation applications towards location-based services (LBSs). This paper introduces the HIGAPS receiver concept. Aim of the HIGAPS project is to develop the concept for a combined Galileo/GPS receiver that is specially tailored for LBSs, E-911, and other consumer market applications. After a brief overview of the receiver, the partitioning into analog hardware, digital hardware, and software is outlined. The architecture of the combined Galileo/GPS RF front-end is presented in low-IF topology. The digital baseband presents a highly parallel correlation architecture for combined Galileo/GPS reception, allowing fast times to fix for extended dwell times. Parallel digital signal processing combined with aiding data allows single-shot measurements particularly designed for LBSs. Differential correlation further improves the reception sensitivity. The coherently integrated predetectio n samples are thereby multiplied with the conjugated complex previous predetection samples.