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CAD-VR geometry and meta data synchronization for design review applications

: Schilling, A.; Kim, S.; Weißmann, D.; Tang, Z.; Choi, S.


Journal of Zhejiang University. Science A 7 (2006), Nr.9, S.1482-1491
ISSN: 1009-3095
ISSN: 1673-565X
ISSN: 1862-1775
Fraunhofer IGD ()

We present the MEMPHIS middleware framework for the integration of CAD geometries and assemblies with derived virtual reality (VR) models and its specific meta data and attributes. The goal of this work is to connect real time VR applications, especially for the design review, with enterprise software storing and managing CAD models (product data management-PDM). The preparation of VR models requires expert knowledge, is time consuming, and includes selection of required CAD data, tessellation, healing of unwanted gaps, applying materials and textures, and special surface and light effects. During the design review process, decisions are made concerning the choice of materials and surface forms. While materials can be switched directly on the VR model, the modification of part geometries must be made on the CAD model. Our system synchronizes modifications of the original CAD geometries and of attributes that are relevant for the realistic rendering using the PLM Service s standard. Thus, repeated work for the VR preparation can be avoided.