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Medical design: Direct metal laser sintering of Ti-6Al-4V

: Bertol, L.S.; Junior, W.K.; Silva, F.P.D.; Aumund-Kopp, C.


Materials and design 31 (2010), Nr.8, S.3982-3988
ISSN: 0264-1275
ISSN: 0261-3069
Fraunhofer IFAM ()

Design and manufacturing of customized implants prior to surgery are described in this study. Implant shape and functional requirements are established by digital data based on CT scans and mirroring operations. The design process of customized mandible prosthesis is illustrated as well as its manufacturing process (direct metal laser sintering) and dimensional control. Laser sintering process and its constraints for the production of customized implants in titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V) with complex geometry and internal structures are reported. Important parameters and restrictions in the production of complex parts, including support structures, maximum overhanging angle and internal structure are also described.