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Entwicklung und biologische Bewertung der Mikrowellenplasmatechnologie als UV-Quelle für die Entkeimung von Wasser/Abwasser

Development and biological evaluation of the microwave plasma technology as an UV source for the elimination of bacteria in water/wastewater
: Schwartz, T.; Süß, J.; Vogt, J.; Kanigowski, U.; Mügge, H.; Kaiser, M.

GWF. Wasser, Abwasser 151 (2010), Nr.1, S.76-82
ISSN: 0016-3651
ISSN: 0016-4909
Fraunhofer ICT ()

The project was aimed at developing an electrodefree UV light source based on microwave plasma discharge (preferably, excimer discharge) with a radiation emission ranging from 200-300 nm. These light sources were used to study whether the disinfection effect can be improved by emission lines other than the classical mercury vapor line at 254 nm. A new concept of molecular biology and microbiology methods was applied to analyze the inactivation efficiency of hygienically relevant gram-positive and gram-negative reference bacteria and of natural wastewater populations from the outlet of a municipal sewage treatment plant. Apart from quantitative approaches, the degree of DNA damage by radiation and the regeneration behavior of the bacterial populations were considered.