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Java security architecture and extensions

: Roth, V.

Dr. Dobb's journal 27 (2002), Nr.4, S.34-38
ISSN: 1044-789X
ISSN: 0888-3076
ISSN: 0884-5395
Fraunhofer IGD ()
Java Development Kit; Java Cryptography Architecture; Java Cryptography Extension; crypto-enabled software; provider-independent layer; Java security architecture

Unfortunately, we are not in the best of worlds and building industry- strength crypto-enabled software based on the available providers is problematic. Problems are caused by shortcomings in the JCA/JCE (Java Cryptography Architecture/Java Cryptography Extension), which are in turn exacerbated by sloppy implementation and interpretation of the API and implementation guidelines. I present techniques for building providers in an interoperable fashion, identifying mistakes to avoid. I also outline the scope of applications that should be feasible to implement based on a provider-independent layer-in particular, the JCA/JCE.