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Receiver modules for 40 Gbit/s lightwave systems

: Fischer, U.H.P.; Honecker, J.; Umbach, A.; Trommer, D.; Eckhardt, T.

Journal of optical communications 26 (2005), Nr.5, S.215-219
ISSN: 0173-4911
Fraunhofer HHI ()

We designed and fabricated receiver modules with an optimized fiber-chip coupling set-up and high electrical bandwidth up to 45 GHz. The set-up is suited as well for high volume production and also for rapid prototyping of waveguide-fed InP and GaAs OEICs with optical spot size expanders. The light output of these OEICs is collected with high efficiency into butt-ended single mode fibers. The fabricated photodiode modules are ready for usage in 40 Gbit/s lightwave systems.