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Analysis of bird data and derivation of design concepts for real time thermal disaster monitoring

: Regan, A.; Schoenenberg, A.; Vitulli, R.; Lorenz, E.; Michalik, H.; Pletner, S.; Behr, P.; Schäfer, A.

Proceedings of the 4S Symposium: small satellites, systems and services. CD-ROM : 25 - 29 September 2006, Chia Laguna
2006 (ESA SP 625)
ISSN: 0379-6566
ISBN: 92-9092-936-7
ISBN: 9789290929369
International Symposium Small Satellites Systems and Services <7, 2006, Chia>
Fraunhofer FIRST ()

An advanced Payload Data Handling (PDH) concept based on Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) components has been developed. The concept is built on Virtex-II Pro combined PowerPC and FPGA System on Chip (SoC) technology. The system can support Earth Observation mission data rates of up to 2.5 Gbps given present capabilities. This paper describes the on-board processing technology evaluation study and the COTS breadboard prototype development activity. The study used the Bi-spectral Infrared Detection (BIRD) satellite as a validated mission reference. The study evaluated BIRD on-board data processing technologies and assessed design concepts for future Earth Observation payload data processing applications. The PDH prototype development utilised the BIRD satellite design to cost philosophy comprising the use of COTS components supported by robust redundancy concepts and failure tolerance design approaches. The results of the paper study and breadboard development will be pre sented including the breadboard architectural design, redundancy concepts and the breadboard test set-up including a specifically designed demonstration application. First results from the Virtex-II Pro combined Power PC and FPGA SoC Single Event Effect (SEE) radiation tests will also be presented.